180 cat leap arm jump
Coaching chilren parkour

CRAWLEY PARKOUR C.I.C is a community- minded company that is passionate about coaching and developing people interested in Parkour and functional fitness for almost all ages.

Our mission is to provide benefit to a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and abilities in and around Crawley with the provision of affordable, accessible, inclusive physical activity programs - all within a welcoming environment. Crawley Parkour C.I.C. has taught a range of ages from 3 all the way through to 65, with a focus on trying to get people active and happy with their exercise regime. We will provide fun and safe coaching sessions for schools, youth clubs, scout groups, disabilities, males and females, ethnic minorities, strengthening community spirit and cohesion through all that we do.

Parkour or Free running, now an official sport as recognized by Sport England, is the art of overcoming obstacles in all their forms. Using your environment as a tool and a platform to achieve amazing awe-inspiring feats of physical fitness, and the mental discipline required to perform Parkour to help achieve mental well-being.