Keeley Sydes - Coach (Level 1)

"I've been doing Parkour for just under two years now, after seeing an advertisement online it persuaded me to give it a go.

I'd always loved the stereotypical image of parkour with the big jumps and vaults being made to look effortless, but only when I gave it a go myself did I realize how much more there was to Parkour.

Really pushing my body to see what I was capable of has been so rewarding as well as working through many mental obstacles which has allowed me to become so much more confident in my abilities.

I hope through coaching I will be able to help others truly reach their potential and achieve things they never thought was possible!"

Alex Mullin - Coach (Level 1)

"Hey, I am Alex and I've been training for four years. I started Parkour because I needed something to get me out of the house. I enjoy Parkour because it's your own, everyone trains differently and you are independent in the way you train

Other sports are competitive, having to compete with other people and there are other people that you have to rely on or that can let you down, in Parkour that isn't the case. You are free to push yourself as far as you want and train whenever you want, and that freedom is what most appeals to me"