So recently I've been wondering about how individuals truly progress in any sport.

The process of learning the skills of individual sports and gaining the necessary strength in order to train in it to your fullest is always filled with setbacks and hurdles.

With lots of sports such as gymnastics or a throwing event in athletics access to safe and suitable training grounds can be difficult and the quality will vary between different venues, leaving an unfair playing field for lots of participants. Finding the correct knowledge online can be a veritable minefield with online sources this day and age, sifting through the piles of "shared knowledge" can be both misleading and dangerous, though of course not always.

This lead me to think of the advantage of parkour. Parkour can be, and is, trained almost anywhere, and the outdoor nature of the sport allow's the barrier of entry to be far lower, allowing the majority of people access to the sport no matter a persons financial background. Parkour not having set ways to perform skills due to people having creative takes on each move, different obstacles requiring slightly different techniques to overcome them with "the same move"

The only real rule of parkour technique is one of safety. for example, the safest way to land is common knowledge between all participants of the sport even though many communities have never interacted with each other. But what of other more complex systems? whats the best way to build strength to increase standing vertical jump? whats the best way to increase your Kong/Cat-Pass distance? These are often, but not always, shared between communities so someone who is brand new to the sport may have trouble gaining the vital knowledge themselves. As such I've decided that the best way to counter this is to start a small blog series on things that i think are vital the sport both directly and indirectly. so starting from this post, we shall be releasing monthly blog posts to address some of the more common questions people have asked me. I'm not the first person to do this nor will i be the last, but having seen the need for it i would be remiss if i were to not add my thoughts to the stream.

Stay tuned for future posts! If you have any questions regarding specific skills or movements please drop them in the comment section below or speak to me in person and i will be happy to start writing up guides and blogs on them

Train Safe

Drew Ratcliff

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