• Callun Lavington

Callun Lavington - Meet the Team

Every few months, we are going to be updating our blog posts in order for you to get to know the coaches a little better, this month, Callun will be describing himself and his love for solid Parkour movements.

Tell Us About Yourself?

I grew up in Horsham, West Sussex, about a ten minute drive from Crawley. I went to school in Horsham and had next to no sporting background. Growing up, I was always reading books or writing something, that's where my passion used to lie. Once I hit secondary school that all died out and I started trying my hands at sports. I wasn't any good at football or rugby or tennis or badminton, when in 2012 I discovered Parkour and tried it the next day.

It's lead to so many fantastic opportunities for me! It's the only sport I've ever felt relatively good at! It's really helped me get into shape and has improved my happiness 100%. With being such a new sport, in Horsham I sort of became an ambassador and a representation of how Parkour athletes should be and act, as many people are clueless as to what it is and just see it as people "leaping between gaps.", this came into play when I sat in a meeting at Horsham District Council regarding the ban of Parkour in Autumn 2016 (A ban which has since now been lifted thanks to ParkourUK.)

A quote from the West Sussex County Times news article from myself said;

" After the meeting another Horsham 17-year-old free runner Callun Lavington explained that they had ‘utmost respect for the community and property’, and councillors had not discussed how carefully free runners train and how cautious they are. He added: “We are respectful to those around us and always make sure that the public’s safety is our number one concern.”

I've linked the article below, aswell as the YouTube video I made for when the ban came in an we decided to be a little light protest;

Read more at:

Parkour helped me branch out into other sports. (I started skateboarding in 2015, something I would love to attempt again) and even tried rollerblading, or as I called it "Parkour on wheels".

I'm also majorly into film making and photography, I like cutting together my clips from Instagram and putting them onto my YouTube channel.

I'm also a bit of a fashion head. I like looking into streetwear styles and designing my own clothes, helping realease a line of Crawley Parkour merch in April of this year.

Parkour has lead me to do a little bit of professional work. I did some stunt work for the 2017 advert "Anthony Joshua - Made To Move" with Lucozade and did some promotional work for the World Chase Tag. I did a bit of acting on a short BBC film and I've recently gotten into modelling. I also auditioned for Ninja Warrior UK in 2017. As of recently I have also got an audition lined up for a nation wide performance of "Marvel Universe Live".

Since starting Parkour i've been a part of a few groups/teams. I started out with the Southwater/Horsham based group "Southwater Parkour" before joining a group called "ParkourTours" with some really close friends of mine. Eventually, PKT fizzled out and i've been part of the Redhill/Reigate based group "Eros Parkour" for the best part of four years, I'm still part of that team and the memories we have collected together are incredible. My favorite video we ever shot and filmed together was our 2015 Halloween Special!

I started coaching Parkour in April 2017 completely by accident. I'd been seeing the Crawley guys and gals for some time and I went to one of their holiday jams, we all hit it off a few months prior and Drew was like "fling on a shirt, we need a coach!"

Besides that, there isn't much more to say, my life has been very Parkour focused for the last 6 years!

What Is Your Sporting Background?

Very minimal. Like I said, Parkour was the first sport I really stuck to and it has always been that way. Skateboarding and roller blading were good fun, but could never replace my love for Parkour. I want to get into weight fitness and conditioning, but only time will tell!

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love making videos! Parkour ones do take the top spot, but I enjoy doing some "vlog" type material on my YouTube channel. I am also into photography aswell, although it's been years since I've gone out to snap some pictures. Hopefully within the months to come I can upgrade my camera set up and go and start taking more photos as it is something I miss and would like to progress in. I also like rap music, G Eazy and Eminem do take the top spots, but my music tastes varies depending on my mood and what I want to achieve as it helps me get in the zone.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Coaching Parkour! Maybe doing some more professional work, hoping that Crawley Parkour will expand and take the whole of Sussex by storm. I see myself carrying on more with Parkour, perhaps as a master Yoda type character. I'll also like to have seen the world and travelled whilst training Parkour, that would be super cool!

I'd like to have a brand established through Parkour too, but not for financial gain, I'd like to created a solid Parkour shoe for people who train Parkour and then invest the profit into more Parkour funded type projects, such as Parkour parks in lesser fortunate areas as the council have cut funding for youths over the last few years, leaving them with nothing to do.

I want to start creating feature length Parkour documentaries too, that'll be fab.

But for now, my focus is on the progression of the sport, our students, and myself.

Flips or solid Parkour Movement?

Got to be solid Parkour, although flips and all that are cool, I'm much more of a fan of progressing jumps and ability and seeing how far I can push myself and breaking down the mental barriers.

Favorite Athlete/Athletes Right Now?

Parkour athlete right now defiantly has to be any of the Motus Projects boys, or Travis Verkaik, all of them are so young (Travis is only 15/16) but they are physically breaking the boundaries of Parkour and Freerunning and pushing the sport in the right direction!

If we aren't talking Parkour though, then Harry Kane because he's bringing it home.