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I've been training Parkour for almost 8 years now.

When I started Parkour, YouTube was THE go to place for all Parkour content.

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram however, some awesome Parkour movements and have been uploaded and forgotten about, lost in the abyss of the Instagram feed.

I LOVE Parkour content, almost as much as I love training it myself.

Here, I have composed a list of Parkour videos that I have watched over the years that make me go "HOOOOOO MY GOSH!"

So without further a due, here is a list of Parkour videos that I always find myself being magnetized back to.

1.) Storm Freerun Volume 1

This video was really, my first exposure to Parkour. I remember watching this one with my friends who lived down my street at the time. Although the intro is a little bit long (but is a cinematic masterpiece not yet seen in Parkour at the time) , the movement still holds up to this day.

It features huge parkour athletes, such as Tim "Livewire" Shieff and Paul Joseph (AKA Blue).

11 years later, there is still no sign of "STORM VOLUME 2" , however , this video holds a nostalgic feel for me, and is one i defiantly think you should all check out!

2.) Kie Willis 2013 Showreel

At this point, I had been training a year. Kie Willis was already becoming one of my favorite athletes (to the point where many of my personal showreels were heavily based off of this one). Everything in this video, is massive. (Some of it still hasn't been done again, Kie being the only person to of done it)

Powerful moves, huge sideflips, this video is short and easy to watch and gives you the motivation to train!

Check it out here!

3.) The Motus Projects - Resurgence

It is incredibly hard to comprehend that some of the athletes in this video, at the time, were only 15-16 years old. The idea that Giles Campbell-Longely (The Motus Projects founder) had for this video was to one-up the old school London parkour videos, and it delivers!

Personal highlights are Max Barker's kong pre at imax (funnily enough, Kie Willis 2013 and TMP - Resurgence share the same thumbnail) as well as Luke Stone's double down Imax. This video goes hard, and gives you that training inspiration.

4.) David Belle - SpeedAirMan

David Belle, one of the founding fathers, moving around Lisses, Evry and suburban Paris, all where Parkour was originally formulated.

I stumbled across the video when preparing for my trip to Parkour's home last year (i've linked that too as I tried to recreate certain aspects of DB's video in my own)

If you get the chance to make the pilgrimage to Lisses, DO IT! It's certainly an experience!

5.) Team Farang - Overload

This video HAS SET THE BAR for Parkour videos in 2020. The most recent addition on this list, the whole of Farang (including Pasha, Dom Tomato and Jason Paul) all get together to shoot this unique and stylized masterpiece that's a joy to watch!

So, those are my top 5, what did you think? What's your favourite parkour video? let me know down below!

Stay safe


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