Earlier this year, Crawley Parkour released a line of merchandise. This consisted of some hoodies and a tasty range of prototype t shirts.

After an overwhelming response, we've decided to progress further and have started the early developments of a new range of CPK merch!

We cannot reveal too many details yet, but we are looking at releasing some long awaited t-shirts and some other tasty bits and pieces perfect for your training needs!

With Drew, Callun & Matt "Muffin" Fraser behind the drawing board, we are aiming to really push the boundaries of movement clothing, making clothing that looks slick and stylish, whilst also being practical for Parkour.

Are there any specific pieces you guys want to see? Lets us know in the comments down below, or drop us a message on Facebook.!

Summer Holiday Day camps are now also ready on our TeamUp page, you can book those by visiting the link down below!


We can't wait to share the new range with you once everything has been finalized, some slick new designs are coming!

All the best

Crawley Parkour C.I.C

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