The BEST Shoes For Parkour?! Part 2

So you’ve looked at our shoe reviews. Would you believe none of those shoes are Parkour specific, yet are soooo good.

However, the cash cows are mooing, totally not fuego! Here I have listed some Parkour specific shoes. Which ones are good and which ones are just there for the sole (haha pun) purpose to steal your precious £ when dropping that serious dollar?! I’ll be breaking them down in this article!

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a shoe expert and all information in this article is third party. I’ve spoken to experienced practitioners and looked at online reviews, so take this all with a grain of salt.

The Storror 10s.

Lets not kid ourselves here. Storror are the biggest parkour team in the world, coming from Horsham (my home town). They’re a talented bunch, and their push into Parkour clothing has been good - over the last few years, they’ve released some rad designs.

In the Autumn/Winter of 2017, Storror released the “Storror 10s” parkour shoe after over two years of research.

The feedback? In the community, positive. The shoe has a slick black and white design, so they look good. They are very similar to the Adidas Essential Stars in terms of build and design, but they’re comfy, have good grip, are more durable to what we have seen so far!

Price is a little bit hefty however. £75 seems a little bit ludicrous for a shoe which will get absolutely wrecked when hitting them mad jumps. But, this is their job, the boys have to make money, plus it's a shoe made by traceurs for traceurs, and with a team like Storror, they know what’s up! Pick yourself up a pair if you wanna support you parkour community and the content that comes from these guys!

Take Flight Shoes

Don’t. Just don’t.

Adam Dunalp, founder of Take Flight, is the OG in exploiting Parkour for money, although the shoes don't look too bad, I refuse to support such a cause, plus the shoes aren't that great. They're too bulky and heavy. Whilst Take Flight has helped bring up athletes like Joey Adrian, it was once endorsed world wide by athletes like Toby Segar and one of Parkour's founding fathers, David Belle.

Controversy struck the brand in 2014, when Dunalp exploited athletes by buying their URLs (i.e and re-directing them back to the Take Flight website for his own financial benefit.

I'm not saying don't buy the shoes, free country and that, but this is exploitation of the sport at it's finest and is a product made by someone who doesn't really care.


These shoes were actually used by our coach Josh (hope Australia is good bud). 3Run were the BOYS back in the mid 2000s, whilst I feel they’ve stooped a little bit recently, their 2nd shoe, the 720 Volts, received warm feedback!

Similar design to the famous Kalenji Ekiden 50, the shoe is light weight! I’m glad they ditched the horrific building design they had on their 360 volts shoe as well! (The 360 were the first shoes released by 3RUN, similar to the Kalenji Success but didn't hold up too well and looked extremely ugly)

The 720 is available in only a few colour combinations, and they retail for about £40.00. Personally, they’re not a shoe that I would invest in, but Josh loves them due to their comfort.

KO Parkour Shoes

Know Obstacles have been making parkour shoes ever since I’ve been in the community. Their first shoe, like many other parkour shoes, drew inspiration from the classic Kalenji Success (maybe I should do a history lesson on these aha). According to my friend Raydon, they weren’t very good.

HOWEVER! They’ve sorted out their shoe issues and have now come out with a whole range of Parkour shoes. Drew, our head coach and handsome bearded devil, uses the DROPS 2.0. Incredibly light weight shoe, thin sole, but still incredibly padded and grippy. However, they don’t look too robust & only time will tell if they hold out, but from training in the DROPS myself aswell, they’re actually a decent shoe. The only complaint I have is they're not pleasant on indoor flooring (such as sports halls, so if you're in a hall using mobile equipment, careful on them run ups) They also have the PREs which are a little bit bulkier, but still good nonetheless. Deffo check these out for Parkour specific shoes. They're relatively priced, but have to come from America, so shipping could, potentially, be a pain in the butt and quite pricey!


“My motto, try OLLO…” 8 Mile reference anyone? Hell yeah, word play! The Ollo shoes are used mostly outside of the UK, but Storm Freerun’s Paul “Blue” Joesph is a fan of these. They have a few ranges out and are durable and long lasting. However, they look kind of tacky and grim and are known to be quite bulky. They do a team order discount, so you and the squad can rep shoes and get yourself a discount together. They go for €67 however, so are pretty pricey!

Those are some of the most popular parkour shoes on the market! I could talk loadsssssss more about more, but I'll be here all night! The best advice I can give with any shoe, is to trial and error. Everyone is different, and I'm past the days of trying shoes out because *INSERT ATHLETE NAME HERE* is wearing them at the time.

Next time, in the final part of the series, I'm going to be writing about shoes I would love to try out!

Stay humble family.


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