The BEST shoes for Parkour?! Part 3

Hello homies.

Thanks for the positive reception on the first two posts. I hope I have managed to broaden your thoughts on shoes for PK?!

In the third and final post of the series, I'm going to be taking you through MY personal list on shoes i would like to try in the near future, so if you try any of these out, then be sure to hit me up and let me know what they're like!

So, jumping in to the most hyped shoe that I would like to try, is the Vans Ultra MTE. Similar to design to the popular skate shoe, the Vans Old Skool (which I've used before), the shoes look stylish and adapt many of the same traits as their retro skating counterparts. However, these shoes have extra padding in the bottom. Athletes such as Storm Freerun's Joe Henderson use these bad boys and they have had a positive response so far in the Parkour community. My style is very skater-esque and I am looking at copping myself a pair of new vans, so I might switch form the Old Skools to the Ultra range. They retail for £75, which is very expensive for a Parkour shoe (see my last post, RE The Storror TENS). However, I do plan to wear these casually as well.

The Reebok Classics

OK, I'm not going to lie. I'm already using this shoe... and what a gem it is. Reebok Classics came back into fashion around 2015/2016. Our overlord Dave said he even had a pair when he was younger. Used by myself, Nightscape, Jayden Clark and Eric Moor.The shoes are comfy, stylish and fit like a glove, and they come in a range of wacky colour combinations. However, I cannot base everything I do off one pair. I want to try them out for longer and try multiple pairs. However these shoes are pretty excellent, and so far i've had a stick ratio of 95% (I only had them for a few weeks before I broke my ankle, but you get the idea.) They also only retail for about £50-£55, and they're constantly available, making them the shoe to go for!

Strike Movement Chill Pill

I first saw Benj Cave use these in the summer of 2016 in an instagram video, they look pretty slick and good for training. That was in the early days of Strike Movement. Now, athletes like Dominic Tomasso, Max Barker from Brewman/Motus and Lynn Jung from Storm Freerun are all using these shoes and they're quickly growing! They're slim, look stylish and are comfy, with amazing grip. They don't last too long though due to their almost plimsoll-like design, and with a €120 price tag, I don't know if i can bring myself to try them anytime soon. They also get shipped from somewhere in Europe. I might give them a go, but it depends how financially stable I am AHA.

Adidas Essential Star 3

The third edition, and follow up to the beloved Adidas Essential Star 2 that made waves in the community during the 2016 spike. Similar in design with a few, more robust and stylish, modifications, this shoe is definately on my "to try" list. They're going pretty cheap on Amazon at the moment for £30, and their grey and white colour combination is definately one to mess around with. They also fit super snug, meaning that the shoes are true to size, so you don't have to worry about sizing issues.

All in all, i might give these a go after the Reeboks.

So, that brings us to the end of the Parkour shoe series. I will update this all in a year or so's time, because Parkour shoes are always evolving in the community.

I hope I managed to shed more light onto your choice of Parkour trainers!

Until next time my dudes and dude-ettes!


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