Traversal Parkour gym is the home of Crawley Parkour. Here we have Parkour and Free Running classes, strength and conditioning classes and home to CAW Fitness and other small Health and Wellbeing style businesses.

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With custom-built wooden structures, we've developed a space that is suitable for all abilities where we can teach Parkour and Free Running, let people explore their bodies through movement and meet up and train with like-minded people

We have a bespoke scaffolding rig delivered one of the UK's leading parkour park sites, including Slough and Leicester which can be used for both parkour and calisthenics

And we have a Crossfit style "Box" gym for strength and conditioning, which we both teach in, and let our members use for their personal training. We're able to teach your strength lifts as well as Olympic lifts such as clean & jerk and the snatch.