Well, after having to close a second time, we are finally able to reopen our (roller)door to everyone again! Hopefully permanently with a vaccine on the horizon now!

Being a small and relatively new business, it's been a very tough time but our team of Directors have worked extremely hard during both lockdowns to ensure survival by successfully sourcing nearly £45,000 of grants from central/local government and Sport England to meet our significant operating costs even whilst shut. Our huge thanks to them, without which we wouldn't be here now.


Since lockdown 1.0, Callun Lavington has stepped down as a Director and part-time coach, to take up a full-time role (unrelated to parkour) elsewhere. He will however be staying on as a casual coach and will work every other Saturday, so some of you may still see him around. This does of course mean that we have quite a few hours to cover, so we are delighted to have Josh Lee pick up some more hours, and Harry Setterfield and Oliver Ashby transitioning from participants to become accredited parkour level 1 coaches, who will be assisting Drew, Josh, Callun and Alex with sessions from now on. We pride ourselves on mentoring and upskilling homegrown talent, so we are looking forward to seeing Harry and Oliver's progression! They have now passed their level 1 so a huge congratulations to them and just have to complete some contact coaching hours to become fully accredited! We will be adding their profiles to our website very soon.


You may not have recognised the inside of Traversal when you came back after lockdown 1.0?!? This is because we have purchased and installed a new range of equipment, to provide additional challenges and opportunities for our participants. So, we now have an airtrack! This is only inflated as and when needed, but it now gives us the chance to safely practice more complex movements (such as corkscrews) with a soft landing whilst building up confidence.

We have also added some more scaffolding which  is portable too, so we'll be playing around with this for new and exciting challenges and lines!

And thanks to our very own coach and qualified carpentry expert, Alfie, we now have put in place a new floor for our workout area! This looks super smart and we hope to be using this a lot more in the future!


If you haven't already seen our new guidelines via facebook or on the policies section of this website, this is to assure you that our venue and sessions have been very carefully planned and risk assessed, in line with both government and our sports governing body guidelines. Please do make sure you read them carefully and adhere to them strictly at all times, to maximise our chance of remaining open for the foreseeable future.


We won ANOTHER award!! Sadly, the presentation evening at the Hawth had to be cancelled, but we did get a mention in the recent edition of Crawley Live magazine instead. This is a great achievement in such a difficult year and it was great to be acknowledged by our local community in recognition of all the great work carried out by our team to make a positive impact on people's lives.


We would like to update this section of our website. So if you would be willing to share the positive impact that our sessions have had on you/your child (whether it be behaviour, confidence, fitness levels, or all of these!), please do speak to one of us, or email your testimonial to us (it can be anonymous if you prefer).


A HUUUGE thanks to all of our loyal customers who have been so supportive to us during such an unprecedented and concerning time. Your messages of moral support and encouragement have been much appreciated and helped us get through a very tough time. Thank you all!!

We hope you are well, and we look forward to seeing you all after we get back to business!!!

February 04, 2019

February 2019 Update


"Traversal" turns 1 on the 10th February, meaning we opened the doors to our facility a year ago! This is a huge and phenomenal achievement for us. As we don't open on Sunday's, we are celebrating our one year of opening on Saturday the 9th of February. All classes will be running as normal & each one will feature some fun challenges and games, followed by a 14+ Jam from 3:15 - 5:30pm on Saturday afternoon. Spaces for this jam are very limited, so make sure you click the link below to book on now!

We are also running a cake/bake sale on Saturday in order to help raise funds to finish off our Parkour set up - all money raised here will be going towards purchasing the final scaffolding and putting the final blocks in place, finishing our set up!

Want to get involved? Help us by baking a cake and bringing it along on Saturday for sale! Make it as weird, whacky and creative as you like!

Monthly Theme:-

For 2019, we are running a theme each month in our sessions. Last month was "Jumping January", and all students smashed out an array of challenges that featured jumps. This month, "Fear February". We are going to be doing challenges which scare us! This is to ensure all of our students progress to the best of their ability, and makes our sessions more fun and exciting with achievable end goals! 

Welcome Keeley:-

Crawley Parkour are more than happy to welcome our newest addition to the team! Keeley Sydes!

Keeley has been coming to Adult Parkour for a number of years and is an extremely gifted and talented individual whose passion for Parkour is evident. 

Keeley has already helped in a number of sessions, so you may have met her already! If not , make sure you give her a warm welcome when she helps out in your sessions in preparation for her Level One Qualification! 


We are currently looking for Students & Parents to fill out some testimonial forms for our website in order to show how Parkour has helped them or their child! Testimonial forms will be put on the website (With your consent) and are available to pick up from Traversal, just ask one of our coaches! They will also be on the Bake Sale table at our one year event. 

Tesco Bags:-

The Tesco "Bags Of Help" campaign is still running and we are still looking for votes! It is incredibly close to call but we're doing really well so far! If you're at any of the local Tescos below, please ensure you place a counter in the Crawley Parkour box!


BETTS WAY RH10 9UY Tesco Express
HASLET AV RH10 1AH Express
IFIELD RH11 0PL Express

January 23, 2019

January 2019 UPDATE


Following a year of traveling around Australia, we are excited to welcome coach Josh back to the team! Josh has already made a huge impact in a various amount of sessions, and once he's finally settled back in to life in the UK, he'll be taking on more classes, with a Level 2 qualification for him in the near future!

Next equipment at Traversal:-

Over the Xmas period, where we were shut between Xmas and New Year, we managed to get some amazing new blocks built in at Traversal! Many of you have already experienced the blocks, and there's been a whole new range of challenges set and completed by students, coaches and visitors. Huge thanks to Nathan Reynolds for building the equipment for us over the festive period!

Tesco Carrier Bag:-

We have been shortlisted again for a Tesco Bags of Help award!!

This means that we are guarenteed £1k (even if third), but may get £2k (if runner up) or even £4k if we get the most votes!

As you may know from last time, the next stage of the process is the public vote where Tesco customers vote to decide how much money each of the 3 shortlisted projects will get. The customer voting will take place from 1st January to 28th February in local Tesco stores. Voting tokens are given out to customers when they request one after making a purchase in store. Please be aware that it may take a few days initially for stores to receive their voting poster and have it installed in the voting unit (this is particularly the case after Christmas & New Year).

Voting will be available at the following stores:

BETTS WAY RH10 9UY Tesco Express
HASLET AV RH10 1AH Express
IFIELD RH11 0PL Express

Traversal Turns 1:-

On the 10th February, we would've opened the warehouse doors to Traversal for exactly ONE YEAR, which is amazing. In the week leading up to it (FEB 4TH-FEB 9TH) we will be making our classes jam packed full of celebrations, and we will be hosting a 14+ Jam on the 9th February, more details on that within the next few days!

Aviva Funding:-

We successfully managed to secure £1000 in the Aviva Funding Bid, our second year in a row where we have applied and won the sum of money we applied for, so thank you for all your votes as without you guys, this owuld not have been possible!


How has our coaching helped you? Want to share your experiences with Parkour? We are looking for testimonials for our website and we want to hear from our students! Pick up a testimonial form at your next visit to Traversal!


We are still currently trying to find the right supplier and good quality clothing for our next range of merchandise! The ball is now rolling and the designs are getting finalized, so expect a new range of merch within the next few months!

November 16, 2018

Crawley Parkour News November '18

It's that time of the month again where we update you with the bits and pieces that has been going on at Traversal!

1.) Have you voted for us in our Avivia funding bid yet? We are a community based and focus project, looking to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of young people in Crawley. Every vote counts! Last year we won £5K to help us open Traversal & this year we are going for £1K this time to help us get training for mental health! Voting closes on the 22nd, so get voting NOW to help us out!…/project/view/4-3032

2.) Traversal's Big Visit

A few Fridays ago, we had a few Parkour celebrities down at Traversal for our 14+/Adults Jam. Kie Willis & Lynn Jung are 2 athletes from the world renowned team "Storm Freerun." Kie & Lynn are both athletes who have competed in Redbull Art Of Motion (Parkour & Freerunning's biggest event) with Lynn winning "Best Female 2016" and Kie 2nd at the Redbull Art of Motion in Kuwait.

It was amazing having these two visit us and training and helping our participants by offering tips and challenges, we hope to see them in the near future!

3.) Clothing

As of right now, Crawley Parkour's next range of tshirts are being finalized. With this range, we are going to be doing a "pre order" sort of scheme. Essentially these tshirts are going to be made to order. Designs will be getting released within the next few weeks, just in time for Christmas! So if you would like one, let us know so we know how many to stock up on! Price lists will also be announced nearer the time!

4.) Friday Jams

Our Friday night 14+/Adults jam has gotten super popular over the last few weeks, to the point where it is now always full! This means we sadly cannot let anyone in on the door anymore, so if you would like to jam on Fridays, we recommend booking in advance. We have an 8 hour cancellation window, so if you find out during the week you can't make it, you can book off and still be entitled to a full refund!

We also have a 14+/Adults Jam on Monday's from 8-10pm, so if you can't get to Friday's, its definatly worth checking out the Monday one!

5.) Callun's Big Deal

Coach Callun recently got a deal with Calvin Klein promoting their "Calvin Klein Performance" clothing. This is a huge milestone in his time as a coach and a athlete. He says "My time being a coach at Crawley Parkour/ Traversal has really helped me push myself with an athlete and become more creative with the content I share and with my movement. Being contacted by Calvin Klein and being able to promote their products is something I would've never thought was achievable and I owe a lot to everything that's happened to me over the last two years for helping me get into this position."

Besides all this, all of our coaches and participants have been smashing challenges in their training. We are going to start running an Instagram campaign every sunday where we share some of our favourite clips that have been posted using the hashtag CrawleyParkour, so why not get involved and share your clips for us to see!

We have loads more to come in the next few months, so stay tuned, train hard, train safe, and have a good month!

October 06, 2018

Crawley Parkour News Update October 2018

There's been a range of exciting things going on at Traversal Gym over the last few months that we are excited to share with you!

So what's gone on?



Our coach, Alfie White, is training to be a carpenter and has recently dedicated a load of his spare time to upgrading some of Traversal's facilities. He's built a portable block, known as "Alfie's Block" to add to our ensemble of equipment, as well as the storage units where our customers can store their bags, bottles of water, etc when visiting for classes or for training!

He has also built a rather beautiful and well structured weights table to store our weights in our gym area!



We also have expanded our equipment in the gym, featuring a range of new weights with coloured specks on & another bar, meaning we can increase intensity and reduce wait times in our strength and conditioning classes! Conditioning is essential to reaching your physical peak and keeping fit whilst training, so book yourself onto an Strength and Conditioning class today to learn all about weight training and conditioning your body!


HighSports Brighton and HighSports Crawley also donated us a load of new crash mats that some of you have already had the pleasure of using! These have given our students and coaches a range of new challenges, and no doubt we will discover more in the near future, so HUGE shout out to them for supplying us with those!

Coach Josh Comes Home!

In more good news, coach Josh Lee returns from his year of traveling Australia in November, we cannot wait to welcome him to Traversal and seeing what he can bring back after his year out. He's been staying active and is ready to take on any challenges we can think of, so if you have any ideas, make sure you catch him when he comes back!



Our half term day camp timetable shall be going live within the next few days, so make sure you're quick to book your spot as spaces are limited! More information will be available soon!

Head Coach Drew Ratcliff is also running a Beginners Introduction to weight training within the next few weeks, this will be a four hour master class, more details on this will be announced soon!


Following the release of our sample Tshirt range and hoodies earlier this year, we are pleased to announce we are currently working on some new designs for a new range of clothing due to a very high demand! We are still in the designing process but we plan to get them out to you ASAP, we just want them to be perfect! Updates for these to follow within the next few weeks!

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support! We've nearly been at Traversal for a year! That's crazy!

Train safe guys and gals!

June 26, 2018


Due to high demand of the 5-8 years class, we have added ANOTHER class on saturdays at 12.45-1.45pm
This class will start on july 7th (next saturday)


Intermediate class that day has been pushed back an hour to 2-3pm


We've cancelled the 14+ and adult jam due to lack of interest in that class on that day, but will reconsider putting it in another day if demand increases!


Any questions just give us a shout on here or via our email

Train Safe


June 24, 2018

A Phenomenal Few Months

Well, we are now four months in to being open at our indoor parkour facility, Traversal, and what a good four months it has been!

Recently, Crawley Parkour CIC applied for several funding bids and grants, we've won 2 so far, and are waiting to hear back about the others on Friday the 13th of July, so fingers crossed we win those as all the funding will be going into what you guys have suggested on our feedback forms!

We have also booked coach Callun on his Level 2 Coaching Qualification which he will be sitting in August. This means in the future we will be able to run more sessions not just in the gym, but outside, aswell as making visits to schools and events. Coach Raf has also been booked onto his Personal Training course, so be prepared for some gainz during the Strength and Conditioning classes that we run!

During the second week of June, the Mill Primary School in Ifield sent EVERY ONE of their students from Year 1 upwards to Traversal for a taster sessions. All the pupils enjoyed it and had a really good time, if you would like your school to have a taster, contact us here - Because of this, our 5-8 classes have become really popular, and we are working on setting another one up ASAP to meet demands, and to make sure we can provide the safest environment for our students.

We would like to thank you all for your continuing support as we grow trying to promote safe parkour practice to those of all ages.

Our second Newsletter will be out within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

March 02, 2018

Book a Parkour Birthday Party!

Have you thought about holding a different and exciting type of birthday party for your child? Something different, something to get them active at a good cost?!


How about a Parkour birthday party at Traversal?! West Sussex's VERY FIRST indoor Parkour facility.

Our package includes:

  • Exclusive hire of Traversal for up to 2 hours, having food and drink onsite too (Provided at your own cost)

  • 90 minute Parkour session for up to 10 children (including birthday child), fully supervised by 2 of our talented Crawley Parkour coaches!

  • Use of kitchen for party food/drinks (or you can order food to be delivered to Traversal after the session at your own cost). Please note however, we do not have a table, so bringing your own is recomended

All this for just £120 (payable in advance of party date)!!!

Please contact us for more information and to check available dates.



February 20, 2018


On the 10th of February 2018, Crawley Parkour CIC opened their very first venue, Traversal gym.

Joined by VIPS, the Mayor of Crawley, Dan Timms from Parkour UK and Paul Castle from Courage Dyer, the opening was a huge success.

The day started with speeches from Director Dave Downey, who has had a massively involvement with the whole of Crawley Parkour since it's birth in 2013 & head coach Drew Ratcliff, before the Mayor of Crawley officially opened the place.

Coach Callun then stepped up, thanking Crawley Parkour for everything they have done for the community, but also thanking the parents for joining us to witness the opening. Press from The Crawley Observer and The West Sussex County Times came down to take some shots of the team and the students when sessions officially began at 1:30pm.

The day was a complete success, with classes and jams all around. Everyone made the most of the free sessions and some serious heat went down in the 14+ Jam later in the evening.

Dave Downey, Co-Director of Crawley Parkour CIC says: "

This day has been a long time coming after two years of research, fundraising and extremely hard work from our team and the local community. It was a proud day and a fantastic event, with close to 100 participants taking part during the day. It was great to have various VIPs join us, including the Mayor of Crawley, and representatives from local funding agencies, Crawley Borough Council and Parkour UK, all of whose support has helped make this project happen. We now have an important job to do - to help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to Believe, Perform, Achieve".

And we could not have said it better ourselves! We are dedicated to helping everyone unlock their full potential, so come on down for a session, if you want to book a class, visit the link below to book! We also offer a range of memberships, see those here!

We hope to see you all Believe, Perform and Achieve in the future!

February 08, 2018

"Traversal" Gym Opening

Well it is finally happening. Crawley Parkour's VERY FIRST indoor Parkour facility opens to the public on February 10th 2018 at 13:00. 

Traversal gym is an indoor Parkour, weights and aerial sling/fitness facility promoting individuals to Believe, Perform & Achieve. 

We cannot begin to explain the amount of hard work and effort that has gone into getting this up and running. What started off as an idea has finally happened. It all started 2007, when Drew and Dave first met. Drew was an aspiring young Parkour athlete with a dodgy haircut and Dave was the Extreme Sports Developement Officer at Crawley Borough Council. 

Liz Hart, the community arts officer for CBC originally started professional Parkour practice with UPG by visting schools in the area. 

In 2009, Crawley Borough Council, along with UPG (Urban Playground Team, a team that mix Parkour with contemporary performance dance), opened the Bewbush Parkour Training Area (PKTA). This became the base of Crawley Parkour's classes, which first started as Crawley Parkour back in 2013.

Since then, 11 years later, Crawley Parkour has expanded into a strong and hard working team consisting of talented athletes from West Sussex, all with different sporting backgrounds. The team consists of;

Dave Downey (Director)

Drew Ratcliff (Head Coach/ Director)

Josh Lee (Co-Director)

Raf Pedroso 

Alfie White

Alex Mullin

Callun Lavington

Tamara Castle


The idea of an indoor Parkour facility was always floating around, but it was only 18 months ago when the ball really started rolling.

With all the highs and lows, ups and downs, stress, fun, laughter, tears, Crawley Parkour found a facility, located in Linchmere Place, Crawley to open their very first indoor Parkour facility.

The gym, named "Traversal" has been a huge project for all of us involved, and with it being the first indoor Parkour facility in West Sussex, we know it is going to be a success.

Of course, none of this could have happened without all the community interest, the students coming to our sessions, the parents for taking them. All the people who voted in the Aviva Community Funding scheme, which we secured £5000 for new safety flooring, similiar to the one at the Bewbush Parkour Training Area. This goes hand in hand with our idea of teaching safe and efficient Parkour movement. We also received funding from Courage Dyer Recreational Trust & West Sussex County Local Committee's Community Investment Fund, we owe a massive thank you to them, because without them this project wouldn't of gone forward. We would also like to thank the Government Start Up Business Loan Scheme, which gave us significant funding towards the project. 

With an unhealthy amount of hours going into painting, designing, planning, constructing, testing, trialing, erroring, everything finally started coming together. With the blocks built and the warehouse complete, we are ready to open to the public this Saturday! (FEB 10TH) at 1:00pm. 

If you wish to book on to our classes, click the link attached!

We hope to see you one day trying out our indoor facility!


January 17, 2018

Aviva Community Funding WINNERS!

In November 2017, Crawley Parkour CIC applied for the Aviva Community Funding bid. This is a scheme that helps up & coming projects by offering rewards of different amounts (£1k, £5k, £10K).


After having luck with many different fund raisers (such as the Tesco Bag Scheme) we decided to try our luck with Aviva, at first going for £1K, but then taking our chances and committing to going towards £5k.

It worked on a voting system. We made a video explaining our warehouse project (see attached) made by our coach Drew, with the 3D animations being made by our good friend Matt "Muffin" Fraser. 

At first, we were hit with a bit of sceptism, not because we didn't think we could do it, but there were a range of wide and good projects out there who were equally battling us for this funding. And thus, the long process began. We tried reaching out as much as we could on all social media platforms. Students, friends, family, other parkour athletes, parkour muggles, etc were all keen to see our project work, and the votes came flooding in!

So, what happened?

In our £5K category, there were 760 other projects to begin with. This is a HUGE number, and only 30 of that 760 would be selected. With the sheer number of votes we got, we managed to catapult into the judges round, where Dave & Drew worked long and hard to answer questions given to us by Aviva.

As a result of this, Crawley Parkour was selected, after beating off 29 other projects to win and be granted £5K.

This is a super huge achievement for all of us! At first we were going for the £1K, but then we really committed and went for the £5K, showing that hard work and persistence pays off!

We honestly couldn't of done it without everyone who voted, shared, liked, commented, heckled, etc. Without you guys, we wouldn't of accumilated the sheer number of votes to get us through and we are immensely proud of your support.

So we are happy to announce that Crawley Parkour CIC are Aviva Community Fund Winners 2017!

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